Coffee Academy

Coffee industry book brief

The first line of the book begins with the interesting story of coffee. Who discovered it, when and where? And how did it move from one continent to another and from one country to another to be the most common drink?. We must also think of how these seeds have gone from just a seed to an industry based on the economies of entire countries.

This book also describes how this industry has evolved over different times from a primitive drink known by chance to the drink with which the soul is described and revived. We will talk about the benefits of coffee.

This book will take you into a journey to discover:

How was the global coffee market valued at USD 102.02 billion dollars in 2021, and how it is projected to reach a compound annual growth rate of 4.28% during the forecast period of 2022-2026.
The second part of the book puts in your hands the important and basic tools that enable you to be a coffee entrepreneur, and who knows? Maybe you will be one of the leading coffee makers around the world.
This book also talks about these indispensable tools for start-up entrepreneurs, from the feasibility study and the management of accounts through creating your own brand to its marketing. Now, you have a unique experience that puts you on the right path in this industry.